The EU delegation visited Novi Sad critical mass on Car Free Day

Yesterday, another in a series of Critical Masses was held in Novi Sad, this time on Car Free Day as part of the European Mobility Week. We marked this date by riding bicycles, rollerblades, scooters and other means of urban mobility as a reminder that Novi Sad needs more citizens who use these means of transport instead of cars.

The drive was also attended by the EU delegation in Serbia headed by H.E. Mr. Emanuele Giaufret, Ambassador of Belgium, Deputy Head of Mission of Slovakia and representatives of the French Institute. With his presence, the EU Ambassador in Serbia, Emanuele Giofre, supported the activities on the occasion of the Car Free Day and the European Mobility Week with the message that the development of urban mobility in cities is the future of people’s transport around the world, and the bicycle as the most common means of urban mobility is definitely taking the lead in many parts of Europe. Deputy Mayor of Novi Sad Igor Crnobarac and member of the City Council for Traffic and Roads Aleksandar Bulajić supported today’s Critical Mass with their presence.

Although Novi Sad is well on its way to becoming a true cycling capital, it is very important to encourage projects of local importance that will directly affect the better development of cycling traffic, and only accelerated development of cycling infrastructure can help in this. These were just some of the conclusions from the forum “Bicyclists ask the city” that was held after Critical Mass. The representative of the GU for construction land and investments pointed out that the research on the introduction of a bicycle path on the Bridge of Freedom has been completed, and that in the coming period we are expecting works on the construction of a bicycle path, which will make this bridge passable for cyclists after several decades. The representative of the GU for Traffic and Roads pointed out that Novi Sad has about 140 kilometers of bicycle roads, which was shown by a recent survey of the Novi Sad Bicycle Initiative through the project “Mapping problems and damage to the bicycle infrastructure with proposals for improvement in the territory of the City of Novi Sad”, and that in Novi Sad There are about 50,000 cyclists in Sadu. Although these numbers are encouraging, the fact that as many as three cyclists were killed in Novi Sad this year is worrying, as pointed out by a representative of the Traffic Safety Agency. The President of the Novi Sad Cycling Initiative pointed out that regardless of the legal regulations, without the existence of adequate and safe cycling infrastructure not only in Novi Sad but throughout Serbia, there is no such protective equipment that will make cyclists safer as adequate cycling infrastructure does. The ride is supported through the project “Youth in the Center of a Sustainable Community” in cooperation with the Youth Association OPENS and the Youth Office of the City of Novi Sad and the EU info point, and the forum was organized by the Center for the Improvement of Traffic Safety.

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