About us

The group of citizens “Novi Sad Cycling Initiative” was formed after the protest in 2010 held due to the action of the Novi Sad traffic police. On that occasion, hundreds of cyclists were fined for riding in the pedestrian zone. The protest gathered individuals who are involved in various ways in their professional work in “cycling topics”. These individuals include traffic engineers, architects, environmental engineers, and sports workers.

Since there was a need to articulate civic demands and problems related to cycling and forward these demands to the city administration and the public, as well as the facts about the need to synchronize individual actions related to the popularization of cycling that are increasingly common, there was a need to form associations. “Novi Sad Cycling Initiative” was established on September 18, 2011 as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded to achieve goals in the field of improvement, development and promotion of cycling, healthy lifestyles, energy efficiency and sustainable development. NSBI is an association of citizens of Novi Sad, which has decided to participate in and influence the decision-making related to cycling through civic activism, with the desire that projects intended for cyclists be implemented tailored to cyclists.

The main goals of the association are:

  • Promotion, development and promotion of urban cycling;
  • Promotion, development and promotion of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Support for planned development and renovation of cycling infrastructure;
  • Support and contribution to the development of new conceptual solutions and innovative approaches in the development of cycling culture, especially in the city of Novi Sad;
  • Promoting a culture of safe traffic and tolerance among road users;
  • Continuous education of citizens on special preventive measures aimed at securing bicycles from theft;
  • Informing citizens about other issues and knowledge in the field of cycling and healthy lifestyle that are of particular importance to cyclists and other stakeholders;
  • Contribution to initiatives aimed at energy efficiency and sustainable development;
  • Various forms of education and incentives for young people and youth in accordance with the goals of the association, especially through actions, projects, workshops and similar activities;
  • The engagement of members is primarily voluntary.