A new round of subsidies on Monday

The applications of the citizens of Novi Sad for the purchase of bicycles with the help of the City subsidy will start on Monday, March 14 at 10 am.

The chance to receive financial aid will have 1,802 successfully and properly registered citizens in a public call led by the Society for the Promotion of Nature of Serbia.

Applications will be possible on two platforms – on the website of the city administration and on the website of the Association.

The Society for the Promotion of Nature of Serbia has decided to turn the procedure of allocating 10,000 dinars of aid to citizens into a campaign to promote cycling through nature.

“In this way, our Society would like to improve its activities and in a concrete way through this project to encourage our fellow citizens to use bicycles more in their daily lives, but also to use bicycles to stay in nature and to be able to two wheels. to explore our country. We hope that with this project we will take a step further towards motivating people to spend more time in nature, in the fresh air with constant physical and healthy recreational activity that cycling certainly provides. The bicycle is an ideal tool for improving one’s health and recovering the environment”, they say from the Association.

A total of 18,020,000 dinars will be distributed for 1,802 inhabitants of the territory of the City of Novi Sad, which includes populated areas (Novi Sad, Futog, Begec, Veternik, Rumenka, Budisava, Stepanovicevo, Kac, Kovilj, Kac, Kisac and Cenej) as well as Petrovaradin, Sremska Kamenica, Bukovac, Ledince and Stare Ledince.

If you want to apply, you need to be fast on March 14, to have an ID card with residence in the territory of the City of Novi Sad, as well as not to have received a subsidy in the previous two rounds. Also, only one member of the household is entitled to a subsidy.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation with the ordinal number.

The association will publish the ranking list within five days from the deadline for submission of applications.

The job of distributing subsidies for the purchase of new bicycles was given to the Society for the Promotion of Nature of Serbia, which was the best listed of the three associations that applied for the competition of the City Administration for Environmental Protection. The Company will receive 1,980,000 dinars for this job.

Let us remind you, last year, for the first time, a total of two such competitions were held and two rounds of subsidies were distributed.

The idea for this kind of support to citizens was given by the Novi Sad Cycling Initiative, which first raised the idea to the national level, and then managed to initiate the introduction of subsidies for the purchase of bicycles, first in Novi Sad and then in several other cities in Serbia.

Video instructions how to successfully apply

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