Construction of a cycle path Novi Sad – Futog on the EuroVelo 6 route

The long-awaited construction of the Novi Sad-Futog bicycle path began at the end of October, and the works are making great progress. Currently, work is being done on the preparation and staking of the terrain, which will be followed by the laying of layers of sand and gravel, the installation of side curbs and asphalting.

The bicycle path on the stretch Novi Sad-Futog will be about 10.5 kilometers long and will move along the crown of the embankment along the Danube. It starts at Sime Matavulja Street in Novi Sad and extends all the way to Dunavska Street in Futog, where it joins the already built Futog-Begeč trail.

This cycle path is part of the international cycle route EuroVelo 6, which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea, and a part of it moves along the Danube. This route runs through Serbia for a length of 665 kilometers, following the course of the Danube along its entire length. In the greater part of Serbia, the path is asphalted, while the entire stretch through our country is marked by adequate international signage and road signs.

This is the third phase of the construction of the Novi Sad-Begeč bicycle path, and the value of the third phase is 170 million dinars. The first two phases on the Futog-Begeč route were built in previous years. The construction of this path will enable the smooth and safe movement of not only cycle tourists, but also the local population from Futog to Novi Sad, since cycling on the embankment is extremely dangerous and unsafe due to the large number of motor vehicles moving at high speeds.

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