Vladimir Zdravković

Chairman of the board

Vladimir Zdravković was born in 1992 in Novi Sad. He learned to ride a bicycle on the old “Pony” model. He has been engaged in volunteer work and activism since high school, as he participated with his peers in the organization of the “Baby Exit” festival. He spent a good part of his life preserving tradition by playing folklore.

Professionally, he is engaged in programming, more precisely in the development of mobile applications, and when the working hours are over, he switches to “battle mode” where, together with other members, he organizes activities in the association. He has been an active member of the association for about 3 years, since when concretely, greater commitment to the goal set by the association began. Due to the nature of his work, he had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise, and personally experience what it looks like when a city dedicates itself to cyclists in an urban environment.

At the end of 2021, there will be a change of president, where Vladimir takes over the role and responsibilities from his predecessor, Marko Trifković. As president, he aims to continue to represent the association in all aspects of society and city administration, and to continue to promote the use of bicycles as the primary means of transportation in our city.